EC-1 ( Pack of 50 ) Blinders/Peepers

Stop chickens from pecking each other
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My chickens are pecking each other !! How to stop and why ? This could be a  serious problems !!!
Too crowded , too hot , not enough feeder & fresh air & water space ,Aggressive Rooster or Hens..Adding new birds into your flock and not being welcome . This small tools can help !! This is the most popular and best selling ( Vision Block )aka: Blinders/Peepers  anti pick device used by many commercial chicken farms.Keep your expensive birds got pecking by each other or eggs . Easy to apply and excellent for game birds, chickens, particularly pheasants.  

Chicken Peeper /Poultry Blinders Vision Block  
Stop chickens from pecking each other
Poultry, Game Bird Blinders/Peepers - Pheasants - age 3-6 weeks up
 Pins included
EC-1   ( Pack of 50 ) 

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